Single Blade Dampers


Air Systems Single Blade Dampers

Single Blade Dampers can be built to fit any shape or size air system and are ideal for low leakage and shut off applications. They are a cost-effective solution for in-duct shut off applications and ideal for paint laden airstreams and low leakage (moderate to high temperature) applications.


  • Low Leakage
  • Shut Off


  • Round
  • Rectangular / Square


  • 7 gauge standard, 10 gauge to 1/4″ (Frame)
  • 10 gauge – 3/8″ available (Blade)

Temperature Range (Materials Selected by Applications)

  • -31° F – 1200° F


  • Mild Steel (MS) or Stainless Steel (


  • Sintered Bronze Pressed in Frame (PIF)
  • Stainless Steel Pressed in Frame (PIF)
  • Bolted Flange Block Ball Bearing (Standard on Automatic Dampers)
  • Nitronic High Temp Bushing (Standard for Dampers above 900 F)

Extended Shaft

  • Less than 160° F not required
  • 160 – 1200° F Extended from Frame up to 8″

Blade Seat Type

  • Metal to Metal Seat up to 900° F with SS, leakage 2%
  • Tadpole up to 900° F with fiberglass, leakage 1/4 to 1%
  • Swing-Through, 5% or less leakage
  • Scissor Seated for paint laden airstreams only

Shaft Seals

  • Adjustable Grafoil Packing Gland integral with frame
  • Outboard for Extended Shafts
  • Low Temp Neoprene Wiper Type Gasket (for automated dampers)

Manual Actuators

  • Hand Locking Quadrant
  • Worm Gear

Automatic Actuators

  • can i buy prednisone in mexico Pneumatic (Open/Closed or Modulating 3-15 PSI)
  • Operators: Rack & Pinion, Vane, Linear, Diaphragm
    • Double Acting
    • Spring Return