Lubrication Systems

Air Systems offers an effective, cost competitive and reliable means to lubricate your facilities critical equipment.  The industries we service include, Automotive, Food service, Steel Mills, and Healthcare to name a few. We offer a wide range of single and multipoint lubrication products, as well as an audit services group.

This group can manage all of your needs from change outs, to inventory control, to application recommendations, which will benefit production and reduce down time.


Lubrication Systems:

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perma lubrication products from Air Systems of Royal Oak Michigan

Lyrica tablets buy online We provide a full range of Perma products. STAR VARIO: Operates fully automaticly, temperature independent and very precisely. The system consists of an electromechanical drive unit, a lubrication cartridge (LC) with a lubricant volume of 60, 120 or 250 cc and a battery pack.

CLASSIC: The reliable operating principle is based on an electrochemical reaction.  perma CLASSIC can be used in any type of industry and millions of them are being used worldwide.

FUTURA: The ideal automatic lubrication system for areas that require hygiene or for harsh operating conditions which may lead to corrosion of metal lubrications or electronic systems.  Its reliable operating principle is based on an electrochemical reaction.

FLEX: A wide temperature range of -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F) makes perma FLEX suitable for many different applications in all types of industries. Just turn the switch to the required discharge period (1-12 months) and perma FLEX is ready to go.

NOVA: For all applications that are within a temperature range of -20°C up to 60°C (-4°F up to 140°F).  A discharge period of 1 to 12 months can be easily programmed by pushing the selection button on the NOVA control unit.



memolub Lubrication products from Air Systems of Royal Oak Michigan


We provide a full range of Memolub products.

MEMOLUB® ONE LPS (Low Pressure System): Single-point lubricator is the newest to the MEMOLUB line. It was designed to be a very economical solution for plantwide lubrication. This unit has a 140psi output pressure and is very simple to program.

MEMOLUB® HPS (High Pressure System): A full featured lubricator with a 350psi output pressure.  It is available in three sizes, can be used as a single-point lubricator or a multi-point lubrication system and is available in a variety of power options to properly lubricate your equipment.


Grease Products

  • Lubriplate
  • Kluber
  • DriSlide